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Mypex ground cover and tips on how to fix around edging.

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Mypex Ground Cover Mypex Ground Cover is a multi-purpose woven fabric designed to function effectively in a wide range of horticultural applications. Unlike conventional ground cover, it offers the grower a number of important advantages. MyPex Ground Cover is manufactured from 100% UV Stabilised polypropylene. It resists tear and puncture and is unaffected by normal extremes of temperature. It is designed to give complete weed suppression in a natural way. MyPex Ground Cover’s porosity controls moisture and helps protect roots from the spread of fungal diseases and root rots. MyPex aids accurate pot spacing, the green and white marker stripes spaced at 25cm intervals lengthways help ensure that pots are placed to ensure adequate growth space and irrigation. There are also green stripes every 50 cm across the roll MyPex is easy to handle and install. It can be laid onto the ground with a minimum of preparation.

Tips on how to fix weed mat along the edge of the garden bed One draw back of using weed mat is that the ends of the matting along the edging is usually left simply trimmed to the edge, often resulting the matting being visible and allowing weeds to grow along the edge. Here is a method I use to help prevent this from happening.

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