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Stone Art featured in Mosaic & Glass Magazine

Hot off the press!! Delighted to be featured in the latest issue of Mosaic & Glass Magazine. Highly recommend this magazine to anyone interested in mosaic. Lots of great artist highlights and technical tips. You can subscribe via their website

A little about the magazine

The mission is to entertain, educate and inspire readers by producing excellent editorial, uncovering and sharing the stories behind mosaic and glass artists and their art. Its primarily focus is on contemporary art. Published in Scotland, the magazine contains stories from the UK and across the world in our international community. Every issue contains interviews, features, columns, technical and business tips, and a competition.

While each issue of the magazine contains a regular feature containing technical tips, and artists may discuss their techniques during interviews and articles, the magazine isn’t technically focused. Nowadays, there are many brilliant opportunities to learn mosaic and glass art techniques both face-to-face and online. Instead, our focus is on the people, their inspirations and the stories behind their art. The magazine also has a business angle, supporting professional artists and hobbyists who might be considering a side hustle or a transition into a full-time art career.

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