Stone Art's mosaics use predominantly Irish natural stone to create stunning garden features. Many of these mosaic panels include veins of mirror, that reflect light around the garden. The mixture of the texture of natural stone with mirror means that the appearance of the mosaic changes constantly throughout the day.

As a proud owner of one of these mosaics said
"I could look at this mosaic for hours on end. Every time I look at out the window it looks different. Sometimes it will glisten gold in the morning sun other times it sparkles midday sun. Even on a dull day the fragmented reflections of the surrounding garden in the mosaic pieces keeps me captivated"

Recently one of Stone Art's mosaic panels was featured in Tim Austen's Gold winning garden in the Bloom Garden Show 2013.

Every panel is uniquely designed and created by Sunny Wieler.

If you have a certain stone that resonates with you or that you have some connection with (stone from where you grew up for example) I can create a mosaic using that stone. Perhaps there is a theme or an image you would like me to include. What about your company name in a mosaic panel outside your offices? 

Prices start at €800 per square meter excluding framework. These panels can be wall mounted or free standing. They can even be incorporated into a floor or wall. Cost of frame work depends on the size of the piece as well as whether or not it is free standing.

We can also be commissioned to create bespoke pebble mosaic walls and floors for your garden.  Please contact me to discuss any requirements you may have and I will design a piece just for you. International buyers welcome, we will even organise shipping for you using our tried and trusted shipping partners. 


If you wish to purchase a piece already made by Stone Art or wish to try your hand at your own work of art please check out the buttons directly below.  

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More Mosaics by Stone Art  (Click on arrows to scroll through images below or click for enlarged view) 

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