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Shell House ‘Nautilus’ New Mexico

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

A few months back while researching for my post The Shell House at Ballymaloe Cookery School, I came across this very different and quite literal Shell House. This story may not be really garden related, but it’s so wacky and fun, I’m gonna post about it anyway.

This amazing house, the ‘Nautilus House’ was built in 2006 by Arquitectura Orgánica, for a young couple with two children from Mexico City who after living in a conventional home wanted to change to one integrated to nature. The goal of this project was to make it feel like an internal inhabitant of a snail.

“The metaphor was to feel like an internal inhabitant of a snail, like a mollusk moving from one chamber to another, like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister. This home social life flows inside the Nautilus without any division, a harmonic area in three dimensions where you can notice the continuous dynamic of the fourth dimension when moving in spiral over the stairs with a feeling of floating over the vegetation.”

– Javier Senosiain, Architect


Check out Javier Senosiain website to see more of his amazing works.

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