Your Project (the process)

Garden Design Consultation


When contact has been made Stone Art will come and survey the proposed job and discuss design ideas with you. This consultation is usually a straightforward discussion with you to find out what you want to achieve with your garden. You will usually have some ideas about what type of garden you would like: is it a family garden, do you have a dog, would you like a water feature, how much maintenance are you prepared to put in? etc.


During the consultation, I may be able to solve basic design issues with simple directions or a quick sketch in which case no further work will be required.  If you require designs made for the garden, we will also do a quick site survey to get overall dimensions and record changes in levels. 

My initial consultations involve a small fee, typically €30-€80 to cover time and travel costs.  The amount required would be agreed with you in advance. (If you employ Stone Art to design and build your garden this fee will be reimbursed to you in your final bill)  

Site Survey and Design Plans


If not undertaken on the first visit, the first part of the garden design process involves a return visit to your garden to assess the garden in greater detail. This survey will record in more detail all aspects of your garden including any existing problems, boundaries, pets, direction of sun etc. Where available I would also ask you for any site and house plans you may have in your records. Having these can reduce the cost of your designs. (Any documents received will be returned to you upon completion of design.)

After surveying and discussion, I will come back to you with concept drawings from which any further changes and ideas can be made if required.


In some cases 3D plans can be made to give you a virtual tour of your garden before any

work has begun. 3D design gives clients the unique opportunity to take a walk around their

garden before any work is ever carried out. For some, viewing drawn plans on paper can be

hard to follow and difficult to visualise what the final product will look like.

However with 3D design plans none of this is an issue because you get a 3D concept of all

aspects of your garden! 

Check out the 3D Design page for more information about this.



Basic 3D Design plans start from €350 depending on the garden size and the level of detail required. If you get Stone Art to build the garden as well, *the cost of these plans will be reimbursed to you in your final bill.

Planting plans and detailed construction plans can also be made up at an additional cost. 

When you are satisfied with the proposed plans, a detailed plan will be drawn up and a price will be agreed.

In some cases where the project is large scale Stone Art can split the build up into stages over a period, giving you the client the opportunity to split up the overall cost of the build and not have to worry about scaling down in order to stick to your current budget.


From this point Stone Art will deliver your project in a timely manner, ensuring quality and high customer satisfaction. 

Be sure to check out some of the testimonials from some of or clients to see what we mean about quality and customer satisfaction.

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