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More on Stone Benches

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

So I have talked about stone benches on a number of occasions, and now I am going to talk about them some more. I just had a lady asking me for more information on some of my stone benches, and while compiling the information for her I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and write a blog post about it. So here it is!

Stone Benches. Enrich your garden with one of Stone Arts trademark stone benches.  Each one of these immensely popular benches is completely unique and can create a completely new feel to any area of your garden. As they are built to look natural, the design of each bench is largely dictated by the style and shape of the stone used, as well as the location of the seat. Each bench has been carefully constructed so that they are not only pleasing to look at, but are also comfortable to sit in. Stone benches not only make great garden features, but they can also make beautifully unique memorials that can be appreciated for generations. They can also be engraved with any text or symbols on request. Ireland has a rich history of stone seats throughout its history, click here if you would like to know more about Ireland’s ancient stone chairs. ——————————————————————————-

Here is some more information on a few of the benches I have made to-date.

The Weedle Bench, Co. Kildare.

This stone seating area was built using quarried sandstone. It roughly measures 2.8 meters deep by 2.4 meters wide. It will comfortably seat 8+ people. Both the risers and the fill between the back rests are dry stacked stone.


O’ Donovans Seat, Co. Cork

This seat was built as part of a adults chill-out area. A place for the adults to escape the family and quietly sit in their own space, taking in the spectacular views over Bantry Bay, to the sound of the water feature beside them. This seat was built from Kerry Limestone, rich in quartz. It comfortably seats two persons, complete with rustic arm-rests to rest your glass of wine on.

As the planting matures, the seating area will become hidden from the house, to become a little hidden treasure to be discovered.


Hagal’s Bench, Co. Cork

This bench also seats two people. It was built from local field stone. The bench is on a slight gradient and snakes along the garden, bringing shape into the garden. It has been positioned to get full benefit of the sun as well as the stunning views over the valley and distant sea.


O’ Sullivans Bench (Salmons Rest) Co. Cork

This seating area was built along a salmon fishing river over looking Carriganass Castle. The owner wanted a quite spot to sit and have his morning cup of coffee. It was also a spot where he could fish from, the quiet pool of water where the benches are located sits just above a waterfall, the salmon come and rest in the pool after climbing the waterfall (giving it its other name ‘Salmon’s rest seating area’)

 This seating area is made up of two stone benches opposite each other. They are about 2.4 meters in length and will seat three people each. Being built from stone these benches can also withstand the fury of the river during the winter rains (and summer rains)


The Butterfly Bench, Co. Cork

This bench was built into an old garden ditch where the ditch had partially come away, rather than simply rebuilding the ditch, I recycled some of the stones to build this bench. The back was build from a piece of local quarried stone I butterflied to make a symmetrical back. This is also a two seater bench.

To see these and more of our stone benches on our website click here

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